Michael Gale

Michael Gale

About Me

After spending most of my adult life in Silicon Valley with additional stints in Asia, Europe and the Middle East I moved back to Australia in late 2017 and am focused on helping high potential Australian tech and agricultural companies storm the world and helping international investors to invest in Australia.

I am currently working as a Chief Executive Officer of the advisory firm First Penny Investments.

I am a cross-border entrepreneur who grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and entered the nascent PC industry in 1983.

I have literally experienced all the cycles of the industry to date as it morphed from PCs to dotcom and now tokens.

I worked extensively in Asia and then moved to Silicon Valley in the late 80s. I was an early entrant to China and set up a JV there for Macromedia shortly after the resumption of trade following the June 4th incident. Later I was one of the first non-Chinese to sit on the Board of a Xinhua News Agency company. In the 2010s I spent considerable time in Switzerland and the Middle East working in asset management, particularly Sharia compliant investment.

In late 2017 I moved back to Australia for personal reasons and am now focused on Australian companies which have what it takes to be global Unicorns. I remain active as an asset manager in Switzerland and continue to travel extensively for my portfolio companies.

I have been integral to the successful globalization of many leading companies including Macromedia, HAHT, F5, Akamai and Apple. I have been involved in over one hundred start-ups focused on how to accelerate their growth by leveraging international markets and partnerships.

I have a truly global network and a keen understanding of many different business cultures.