Michael Gale

Gmail (Big Brother)

I’m still coming to terms with the fact that Google is changing it approach to Gmail so it doesn’t read our email routinely.  Its less that they do read all our communications so as to target us with an endless barrage of advertising. It’s more the offhand and causal nature of their announcement. It so clear that they think nothing of the fact that they do this. It reminds me of the bad old days of telecom when the carriers really did believer they owned us as customers. But this is way way worse. The equivalent to the carriers now are the Googles and Facebooks and they really do believe they own every thought, every buying intention, in fact every intention and it is completely their information as to who we love, believe in, our heroes and enemies our crushes and disappointments, it all is their property. These social media companies really are the Big Brother of 1984. Its not a big stretch to go from monitoring our every thought and emotion to then manipulating the news (already do with ads) we see to control those thoughts and emotions in a way favorable to Google et al.

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