Michael Gale

Swipe Right or Swipe Left?

It seems every decision and interaction is being miniaturized. Each decision is a left or wipe swipe with all or nothing consequences based on scant information and superficial impressions. The most powerful leader in the world is setting policy in 140 characters or less. It’s as if the whole noble human endeavor is now a quiz show with a buzzer and a second clock. This is very troubling. A lot of decisions that we make are actually nuanced and need a lot of input and thought. Real value is not always created arbitrarily. Yet it’s obvious why we are so susceptible to this app fueled multiple choice yes or no view of decision making. Humans are super advanced pattern recognition computers so we like this idea that everything can be reduced to a pattern beauty contest. But it is really quite troubling isn’t it? We won’t cure cancer or build a Mars colony or reverse global warming or feed the planet or work out what comes next after capitalism in social media posts. I have no idea how to get people to think deeper though. The trend is all going the other way and has been since people put down their pamphlets, journals and newspapers to watch one size fits all television.

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